Rowing is a sport unlike any other: the training’s tough, the teamwork tightly bound, the racing exhilarating, and all more rewarding than anything else you’ll find at Uni!

You don’t have to be an Olympian to take up rowing: many of the Novices last season had neither held an oar, nor done any sport at all before giving it a try – but by the end of first year, ended up fitter and stronger than they’d ever been, with a collection of wins across the country to go with it.

But it’s not all hard work and gruelling training, LUBC’s social side is second to none! Weekly socials, from Toga parties to Army bar crawls are part and parcel of the club: there’s a good reason why Friday is rest day in the training plan!

Why Join?

Get fitter and stronger than you’ve ever been, meet new people, compete for your University, and make the most out of your time at Uni! To name but a few…

The squad

Lancaster’s Novice Squad bloomed this year! The Olympic Legacy certainly aided our recruitment with the highest number of novices in years. Our novices, many of whom had never rowed before, went above and beyond this season, smashing club records, 2k test records and many of our novices ‘de-novicing.’

In the first term novices experience their first water outings and get training on the rowing machines (ergos) to get used to the technique and hone their skills. In the second term there are opportunities for crews to represent university and club, participating in head races varying between 3 – 6 km, these races can be tough but are highly rewarding. Third term brings the much anticipated regatta season; racing against other universities and clubs over distances varying between 500-800m, this is when a number of our  novice squad ‘de-noviced.’ A highlight for the whole club is the Durham Regatta, where we camp on the bank of the river. It is a weekend jam packed with rowing, socializing and bonding as a club.

Training for the novices consists of an introduction to the ergos, with coaching and tips on techniques, and attending weekly circuits with the rest of the club. Training picks up in the second term as crews start to enter races. Fitness is an element essential to rowing; the training can be tough at times but it is very rewarding, especially when it pays off! At the end of the season, many novices achieve a level of fitness which they never thought was possible.

LUBC Novice Squad  - 16/17 (BUCS Indoors Northwest)
Novices Lancaster University Boat Club – 16/17 (BUCS Indoors Northwest)


How much does it cost?

Compared to many clubs not as much as you might think. The important costs you will have to cover will be term fees, kit and some race entry. Fees for the first term are only £25! This includes all of the club organised training sessions and water outings. Kit is as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it! All you need to race is the one piece race suit, everything else is optional. Race entries only apply to some events with many of the earlier ones being covered by the student union.

What’s the training like?

The training will push you but it is also extremely rewarding and a great way to get fit quick. LUBC follows a training plan set by the head coach that incorporates a weekly circuit training session, one or two sessions on the rowing machine and optional advised extra training including weights.

I heard LUBC train at horrible hours, true?

Not true! Where many clubs require regular early hours, LUBC has only one 7am start a week for circuit training. Weekend outings for novices are at 10.30 or 11.30, depending on the day, and senior outings are at 8 or 9 at the weekend, mid week outings happen in the evenings.

Do I need to have rowed before to join?

Not at all, any and all are welcome! The majority of our new members last year had never rowed before they joined us.

What kit do I need to get?

You will need the one piece race suit to take part in races but, other than that, the rest of the kit is optional. Base layers are advised for when its a bit cold and get yourself a pair of cheap wellies.

Is there any sort of selection or trials?

To join the rowing club there is no fitness requirement or any trials of any sort.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes, if the boat capsizes there is a high likelihood that you will find yourself in the river Lune and so swimming is a necessary requirement. Before your first outing you’ll have to complete a swimming test in the Sports Centre pool, where you must swim 50 metres and then tread water for 2-3 minutes.

I’ve rowed before, who should I talk to?

You should get in contact with the respective captain, so Sam Stinchon, who is the men’s captain, or Victoria Joy, who is the women’s captain.

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