Club Records

LUBC has never kept a detailed account of current club records, hence this list is currently incomplete. If you know of any specific records the club holds, please contact Alex King on

Individual Records

Open weight Men

2k: Adam Jackson 6:13.3 2015
5k: John O’leary 16:33.8 2011
Open weight Women

2k: Helina Meos 7:18 2009
5k: ?
Lightweight Men*

2k: Matt Tancock 6:33 2008
5k: ?
Lightweight Women*

2k: Deborah Linn Oakley 7:38 2012
5k: Deborah Linn Oakley  19:51  2012

*Lightweight requires male rowers to weigh no more than 75kg, and female rowers to weigh no more than 62kg.

Individual 24 hour
Daniel Morgan – 2011
Total distance: ???

Club 24 hour
Set June 11th, 2013
Total Distance: 360km
Average split: 2:00

Club 48 hour
Set November 27th, 2013
Total Distance: 714,716m
Average split: 2:00.8

Womens Individual 30 minutes open rate
Katherine Windsor 11/06/2013
Total Distance: 7193m
Average Split: 2:05.1

Est. 1964