Equipment & Facilities



LUBC is based at a converted grade II listed railway station on the banks of the river Lune just outside of Lancaster. The boathouse was kindly purchased by Sir Harold Parkinson in 1966 and is home to LUBC’s fleet of 8’s, 4’s and pairs. Upstairs there are also changing rooms, showers and a kitchen for members to use.


LUBC does all of its water-based training on a 2.5km stretch of the River Lune which it shares with Lancaster John O’ Gaunt Rowing Club. The stretch of river is protected by weirs at either end ensuring ideal conditions for rowing.

Land Training

For land training LUBC makes use of Lancaster University Sports Centre which has weights facilities and 10 Concept 2 ergometers. The club also owns ergometers which are stored at the boathouse and used exclusively by members.


LUBC currently owns 11 boats

Five 8’s:

Princess Alexandra – Wintech 8+

Francis Russell – Kirs 8+

William Harper – Janousek 8+

Stephanie Anne – Sims 8+

Vixen – Vespoli

Five 4’s:

Harold Parkinson – Sims 4+

Ernest Bigland – Aylings 4+

Seb Miller – Janousek 4x/-

Two Eight Four – Stampfli 4+

Hairy McFootface – Stampfli 4+

And A Pair:

Progress – Wintech 2x/-


Flood Losses (R.I.P)

Tom McNerney – Aylings 8+

Hairy Foot – Aylings 4+

Diatessaron – 2x/-


Recently sold the Sir Chris Bonnington  (Sims 8+) to the London Otters as their first boat

Est. 1964