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LUBC – A Year In Review 15/16

Lancaster University Boat Club has had one hell of a year, starting off with a strong intake of new novices to the club, with the seniors welcoming them with open arms at the Boat house orientation ( The novices showed promise and determination by committing to land training during the wet weeks of first term when they couldn’t get out on the Lune. The senior squad led by example shown when both the men’s and women’s squads put out two competitive eights during training. The LUBC seniors went to Dee Head at Chester with all crews putting out strong performances, with the Men’s IM3.8+(A) crew coming a close second but the W. NOV4+ coming first. Training continued with a strong focus toward BUCS indoors being hosted at home in Lancaster and when the day came it was brilliantly executed by Eryn Wilkinson. We saw brilliant results from all of the novices with Aaron Cherry and Kristian Kemppainen placing second and third in the Beginner Men’s catergory, and first in the Lightweight women for Zoe Rees followed closely by Olivia Scott in second place. Sandy Lockett came third in the lightweight men’s category (

Towards the end of first term LUBC was hit hard by storm Desmond and with it suffered serious flooding with damage to equipment and the boat house itself. We lost many boats that had strong sentimental value to the club (Diatesseron, Hairy Foot and Tom McNerney). Due to the hard work led by Rob Forster and Sandy Lockett we were able to get the boat house back to a safe and usable condition. LUBC would like to thank the community and Alumni for all donations given and we assure you they have been put to good use in restoring the boat house ( In order to give back to the community, LUBC organised a 24-hour erg for Kendal Mountain Rescue raising over £350 ( With the boat house still being repaired LUBC took part in the three peaks challenge to maintain fitness and see if the novices and seniors could brave the great outdoors. Second term ended with the boat house finally being declared safe and the current LUBC members all coming together to clean it and get it back to a working state.

Third term began with Roses 2016 being hosted at Lancaster, and LUBC had one of its most successful years. Despite the damage sustained by the floods and the lack of water outings, we were able to secure an impressive 3 of the available 12 points in the NOV.4+ and IM3.8+ categories. This was all due to a strong and demanding training camp that took place during the Easter Holidays. Following the success of Roses, LUBC sent a strong and competitive senior women’s 4 to BUCS regatta, who represented the club well at the prestigious event. Regatta season began with LUBC visiting Tees Regatta where we saw the Novice Men’s 4 securing their first win and denovicing with other crews placing highly on the day. Hexham Regatta followed and again LUBC put out some strong crews and secured some good results with one crew, that had capsized only a week before, making it to the IM3.4+ final. Regatta season ended with the usual visit to Durham Regatta with a strong display from all crews despite equipment issues. The senior women’s eight displayed some of the best rowing at the event and wins secured on the Sunday by Alexander Herrod in the EliLW.1x category and the senior men in the IM3.4+ category.
LUBC has had a year of ups and downs but has shown that the club has the ability to overcome acts of god and still put out the best rowing ability that they can. We look forward to seeing what 2016/17 has in store for LUBC.