Lancaster Floods – One Year On

It’s been over a year since Storm Desmond hit Lancaster and LUBC has nearly recovered from the devastation, thanks to help from members and alumni.

When Storm Desmond hit the north of England in December 2015, thousands of people in Cumbria and Lancashire were forced out of their homes, left without power and counting the costs of the flood damage.

LUBC was no exception, damage was made to our fleet, losing a number of boats including the Tom McNerney, Hairy Foot and Diatessaron, along with damage sustained to many others. The Boat House itself flooded to over 8ft in height leaving it and the changing rooms/communal areas unusable.

The executive committee was fast to act and organised a whole club clean-up once the water had receded back. Alumni, and many others, helped with donations towards repairs and replacements which went towards repairing several of our boats and replacing the equipment swept away during the flood.

Although we were unable to get out on the river for some time following the floods the members of LUBC showed determination to continue training even though Storm Desmond had made it impossible to get out on the water.

We have found some replacement boats for the ones that were lost to Storm Desmond but we are still searching to replace others. The Boat House main doors which were lifted off their hinges in the flood have finally been replaced and reinforced.

A year on, LUBC has bounced back stronger than ever and, along with a new coach, LUBC aims to prove itself soon showing that the floods haven’t slowed us down, with high ambitions for future races. So, watch this space.