Rutherford Head 26/11/16

Leading up to Rutherford, our senior squad underwent several changes from previous years, most notably the training plan which is now followed. With a few extra early mornings; longer, more brutal outings and a few more blisters to add to the inevitable aches and pains, Rutherford was our chance to show ourselves, as much as our competitors, where we stood and how far we have come.

There was a small let up on the training prior to the race, ensuring both crews were fresh and ready. Despite not having their best outings the week before the race, everyone remained calm and in high hopes. The crews bonded fantastically and the attitude was brilliant.

As the men’s crew went into the race on the freezing Saturday morning, everyone was focused, and knew exactly how the race was going to be executed, along with how to implement the slight technical improvements they had been focusing on. The row up to the start line was a chance for the men to calm any nerves and get a feel for the course. They knew that if they settled and switched on, the miles that they had put in and the training prior to the race would pay off.

From the very first stroke, the crew was both working in time and giving their all, and nothing changed as the race progressed. “Personally, it was one the most enjoyable and rewarding races I have been to, and the rest of the crew felt the same. I’m extremely happy with how everyone is progressing, and a massive thanks goes to Adrian Lees who has put so much time into improving our squad.” Sam Stinchon, Senior Men’s Captain.


Finishing 6th out of 18 was a great achievement for the men’s squad against competitive opposition, especially when it is expected that they will only get quicker as the year progresses.

After having started the day in Newcastle’s sub-zero temperatures and watching the LUBC senior men’s eight storm through their first division race, the senior women’s eight donned their five layers of clothes to row to the start line of the Rutherford course.

Despite it being her first ever head race, stroke Izzy Cummins kept her cool and set her crew up to be able to have their best row of the season to date. The power, determination and positive mentality in the boat allowed the girls to row through various crews at points along the course, resulting in a finish position of 6th out of 15 in a competitive field.


The Senior Women’s Captain, Victoria Joy, was extremely pleased with her crew’s performance. “This was the sort of result that we were aiming for and it is credit to all the hard work that the girls have put into this term of training. It shows massive improvement from where we were even a few weeks ago at Dee Head and I am very excited to see what this crew is capable of over the coming months”