Women’s Eights Head of the River Race 2017 Crew

This years Women’s Eight representing LUBC at WeHoRR. These girls will be competing on Saturday 11th March. It is the only race in the UK where novices can compete in the same race as Olympic champions, with universities competing against prestigious clubs.

Cox – Amelia Robinson
Stroke – Zoe Rees
7 – Victoria Joy
6 – Kate Fraser
5 – Shani Mellor
4 – Ida Toni
3 – Caty Marsden
2 – Annabel Johnson
Bow – Gabby Maxfield

Good Luck Girls! Make LUBC Proud.

LUBC For Better Mental Health

Lancaster University Boat Club has an annual tradition of preforming a grueling 24 Hour ERG in hopes to raise money for an important cause.

This year LUBC decided to put its efforts into raising money for an important charity MIND. Mind helps to provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding in hopes that everyone experiencing a mental health problem will be able to get the support and respect they deserve.

Every year, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem which can come in many forms such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, etc. Mental health is a big part of student life. Studying will likely bring several changes to your life, most of which are hopefully enjoyable and interesting but can also be quite challenging for people with mental health issues.

LUBC plans to row 730.2km within 24 hours on two indoor rowing machines (ERGs). This distance links LUBC Boathouse to Mind Organisation in London via rivers throughout the UK. We hope to maintain a target split of 1:58.3 /500m to ensure we complete this task. We will start midday Tuesday 7th February in Alexander Square and row continuously in shifts through the night till midday the following day.

We encourage you to donate to such an important cause as it can help provide someone with a way forward along with give them hope and help them understand that they’re not alone.

You can donate to our cause on GoFundMe.com

LUBC For Better Mental Health


Lancaster Floods – One Year On

It’s been over a year since Storm Desmond hit Lancaster and LUBC has nearly recovered from the devastation, thanks to help from members and alumni.

When Storm Desmond hit the north of England in December 2015, thousands of people in Cumbria and Lancashire were forced out of their homes, left without power and counting the costs of the flood damage.

LUBC was no exception, damage was made to our fleet, losing a number of boats including the Tom McNerney, Hairy Foot and Diatessaron, along with damage sustained to many others. The Boat House itself flooded to over 8ft in height leaving it and the changing rooms/communal areas unusable.

The executive committee was fast to act and organised a whole club clean-up once the water had receded back. Alumni, and many others, helped with donations towards repairs and replacements which went towards repairing several of our boats and replacing the equipment swept away during the flood.

Although we were unable to get out on the river for some time following the floods the members of LUBC showed determination to continue training even though Storm Desmond had made it impossible to get out on the water.

We have found some replacement boats for the ones that were lost to Storm Desmond but we are still searching to replace others. The Boat House main doors which were lifted off their hinges in the flood have finally been replaced and reinforced.

A year on, LUBC has bounced back stronger than ever and, along with a new coach, LUBC aims to prove itself soon showing that the floods haven’t slowed us down, with high ambitions for future races. So, watch this space.

Aaron Cherry – BRIC/100K

On the 10th December 2016, Aaron Cherry, LUBC Equipment Officer and erging extraordinaire, attended the British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC) at Lee Valley VeloPark. He represented LUBC competing against members from the Great British Squad, Aaron placed 7th in the Open Lightweight Men’s 2KM category with an impressive 06:29.7. I have no doubt that this was an incredible experience for him and will motivate him to continue training even harder.

“Although we lack the facilities to that of GB and other universities, your support was incomparable and meant everything to me. I hope that more of us have the drive to go next year and we continue to raise awareness of the uprising force of LUBC!” – Aaron Cherry


British Rowing Indoor Championships 2016


That wasn’t the end of Aaron’s erging ambitions for this year. As most people were waking up early to open presents on Christmas Day, Aaron woke up to a 100K erg before his Christmas dinner. You may be wondering why he did this to himself but on a day of good will to all Aaron planned to do this to raise money for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity.
Rainbow Trust supports families who have a child aged 0-18 years of age with a life threatening or terminal illness who need extra support. Aaron pushed himself to break the record for this seasons 100K, but was sadly unable to but still managed an impressive 7:05:30.9 raising an outstanding £370 for such a great cause.

100K on Christmas Day

Any donations you may wish to make towards Aaron’s cause can be made through the donations page he has set up on Chuffed.org. All the details are on his Facebook Page including a video of the live stream he did during the erg which is linked.

Rutherford Head 26/11/16

Leading up to Rutherford, our senior squad underwent several changes from previous years, most notably the training plan which is now followed. With a few extra early mornings; longer, more brutal outings and a few more blisters to add to the inevitable aches and pains, Rutherford was our chance to show ourselves, as much as our competitors, where we stood and how far we have come.

There was a small let up on the training prior to the race, ensuring both crews were fresh and ready. Despite not having their best outings the week before the race, everyone remained calm and in high hopes. The crews bonded fantastically and the attitude was brilliant.

As the men’s crew went into the race on the freezing Saturday morning, everyone was focused, and knew exactly how the race was going to be executed, along with how to implement the slight technical improvements they had been focusing on. The row up to the start line was a chance for the men to calm any nerves and get a feel for the course. They knew that if they settled and switched on, the miles that they had put in and the training prior to the race would pay off.

From the very first stroke, the crew was both working in time and giving their all, and nothing changed as the race progressed. “Personally, it was one the most enjoyable and rewarding races I have been to, and the rest of the crew felt the same. I’m extremely happy with how everyone is progressing, and a massive thanks goes to Adrian Lees who has put so much time into improving our squad.” Sam Stinchon, Senior Men’s Captain.


Finishing 6th out of 18 was a great achievement for the men’s squad against competitive opposition, especially when it is expected that they will only get quicker as the year progresses.

After having started the day in Newcastle’s sub-zero temperatures and watching the LUBC senior men’s eight storm through their first division race, the senior women’s eight donned their five layers of clothes to row to the start line of the Rutherford course.

Despite it being her first ever head race, stroke Izzy Cummins kept her cool and set her crew up to be able to have their best row of the season to date. The power, determination and positive mentality in the boat allowed the girls to row through various crews at points along the course, resulting in a finish position of 6th out of 15 in a competitive field.


The Senior Women’s Captain, Victoria Joy, was extremely pleased with her crew’s performance. “This was the sort of result that we were aiming for and it is credit to all the hard work that the girls have put into this term of training. It shows massive improvement from where we were even a few weeks ago at Dee Head and I am very excited to see what this crew is capable of over the coming months”

BUCS Indoors

On Saturday 19th November, LUBC attended BUCS Indoors Northwest hosted by Liverpool University Boat Club.

It was a well organised event with an outstanding display from all LUBC squads. Within the senior squads special recognition goes out to Aaron Cherry and Kate Fraser for coming first in the Lightweight Men’s and Women’s 2000M.

15226535_10209118990905402_117607132_nIn the heavyweight men’s and women’s categories we saw Liam Williamson and novice women’s captain Zoe Rees placing in the top 5 in their respective races with other LUBC members following closely in their footsteps.


For most novices BUCS indoors was their first opportunity at a competitive racing environment and although there weren’t any podium places we did see some personal bests and promising results which boosts our hopes for future results in head races and regatta season.

Novice Intake

LUBC has had a particularly large intake of novices this season, most likely a result from the amazing display by Team GB at the Rio Olympics this summer. During Freshers Fair we had over 400 Novice sign ups and there are still over 200 of them staying on as active members in the squad.


Our circuits sessions, held on Monday mornings, have seen record breaking turn outs in comparison to recent years. After the novices received their Boat House Orientation and had multiple Novice erg taster sessions, the Novice Men’s and Women’s Captains, Brad Cleary and Zoe Rees, have separated their novices into individual crews who have been assigned their own Boat Captain to coach them through their time at LUBC.


The Novices will get their first opportunity to show off their competitive spirit at the upcoming BUCS indoors event hosted by Liverpool University Boat Club. Hopefully we will comeback with some good results and some podium places.

Queen B Athletics Sports Bras

Lancaster University Boat Club has been working closely with Queen B Athletics, a company based in Ireland, who pride themselves on creating sports kit for female athletes who want to look fierce during competitions.


Whilst working with them we created a customised sports bra specifically for Lancaster that our women’s squad loves and proudly sport at any event or training session.

The feedback from the bras has been nothing but positive and it’s safe to say we are very thankful to Queen B for helping us sort them out.

One of the members of the men’s squad and executive committee, James Kidd, even took on the challenge set by Queen B Athletics to wear the Bra around campus and document it on Instagram for the chance to win some of their amazing merchandise. Personally we think that he nailed it and you can see his effort over on our Instagram (@lubc_rowing).

#WeRuleTheRiver #NoPlaceForAPrincess www.queenbathletics.com

New Promotional/Freshers Video

Lancaster University Boat Club is proud to present its brand new promotional/freshers video for the upcoming 2016/17 year.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.29.05

This video highlights what it means to row at LUBC and on the river Lune. It shows  the passion and commitment students have as part of this club. From early morning circuit sessions to team ERGs and water outings. We hope this video inspires a new season of athletes to join us at the freshers fair this October.

We would like to thank Bryn Howard Williams (http://www.brynscamera.com/) for the excellent video he produced for us with such expert quality, along with Formula Rowing (http://www.formularowing.com/) who allowed us the great opportunity to produce this video.

A final thank you goes out to Katherine Blair who won the Promo video for LUBC at the Formula Rowing stall during Durham Regatta.

LUBC – A Year In Review 15/16

Lancaster University Boat Club has had one hell of a year, starting off with a strong intake of new novices to the club, with the seniors welcoming them with open arms at the Boat house orientation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNPMqw6Zbf8). The novices showed promise and determination by committing to land training during the wet weeks of first term when they couldn’t get out on the Lune. The senior squad led by example shown when both the men’s and women’s squads put out two competitive eights during training. The LUBC seniors went to Dee Head at Chester with all crews putting out strong performances, with the Men’s IM3.8+(A) crew coming a close second but the W. NOV4+ coming first. Training continued with a strong focus toward BUCS indoors being hosted at home in Lancaster and when the day came it was brilliantly executed by Eryn Wilkinson. We saw brilliant results from all of the novices with Aaron Cherry and Kristian Kemppainen placing second and third in the Beginner Men’s catergory, and first in the Lightweight women for Zoe Rees followed closely by Olivia Scott in second place. Sandy Lockett came third in the lightweight men’s category (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZxcliFGrsQ).

Towards the end of first term LUBC was hit hard by storm Desmond and with it suffered serious flooding with damage to equipment and the boat house itself. We lost many boats that had strong sentimental value to the club (Diatesseron, Hairy Foot and Tom McNerney). Due to the hard work led by Rob Forster and Sandy Lockett we were able to get the boat house back to a safe and usable condition. LUBC would like to thank the community and Alumni for all donations given and we assure you they have been put to good use in restoring the boat house (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Yz6AqjN5oI). In order to give back to the community, LUBC organised a 24-hour erg for Kendal Mountain Rescue raising over £350 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeR1wKbZgfs). With the boat house still being repaired LUBC took part in the three peaks challenge to maintain fitness and see if the novices and seniors could brave the great outdoors. Second term ended with the boat house finally being declared safe and the current LUBC members all coming together to clean it and get it back to a working state.

Third term began with Roses 2016 being hosted at Lancaster, and LUBC had one of its most successful years. Despite the damage sustained by the floods and the lack of water outings, we were able to secure an impressive 3 of the available 12 points in the NOV.4+ and IM3.8+ categories. This was all due to a strong and demanding training camp that took place during the Easter Holidays. Following the success of Roses, LUBC sent a strong and competitive senior women’s 4 to BUCS regatta, who represented the club well at the prestigious event. Regatta season began with LUBC visiting Tees Regatta where we saw the Novice Men’s 4 securing their first win and denovicing with other crews placing highly on the day. Hexham Regatta followed and again LUBC put out some strong crews and secured some good results with one crew, that had capsized only a week before, making it to the IM3.4+ final. Regatta season ended with the usual visit to Durham Regatta with a strong display from all crews despite equipment issues. The senior women’s eight displayed some of the best rowing at the event and wins secured on the Sunday by Alexander Herrod in the EliLW.1x category and the senior men in the IM3.4+ category.
LUBC has had a year of ups and downs but has shown that the club has the ability to overcome acts of god and still put out the best rowing ability that they can. We look forward to seeing what 2016/17 has in store for LUBC.


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